Three Benefits of Coworking

June 5, 2019
Benefits of Coworking

Coworking is here to stay, and it’s no surprise that the topic has been covered in hundreds of blogs and publications, from the Harvard Business Review to Entrepreneur.

But first, let’s back up a bit. In case you’re new to coworking, the concept is simple: Coworking environments are membership-based workspaces where individuals of varying professional backgrounds (attorneys, bloggers, freelancers, graphic designers, entrepreneurs, etc.) work together in a community-type setting, with individual desk space and shared common spaces and amenities.

Coworking has a variety of benefits. First, coworking spaces provide professional, inspirational and lively environments for individuals to get work done; prior to this type of workspace, many individuals would work from home, running the risk of becoming distracted by household chores and other mundane disturbances. Coworking spaces stimulate ideas and creativity, and often provide professionals with the drive to accomplish more.

Secondly, coworking provides the opportunity to be part of a larger community. If you prefer to work alone, no one will bother you. But if you like to network and get to know others outside of your industry, and potentially have others to bounce ideas off of and collaborate with, a coworking space is the place to be.

Furthermore, coworking spaces provide many convenient amenities that are included in the cost of membership, such as access to printers, Wi-Fi, conference/meeting rooms, coffee bars, beer on tap and more. Having the peace of mind of knowing that everything you need is right at your fingertips can help you focus more on your work and worry less about other variables.

These are only some of the many benefits of coworking. Have you been convinced that coworking is right for you? If so, call CapCity CoWorks at 646-572-6473 to schedule a tour, or fill out our contact form.