New Year’s Resolutions for Professionals

January 15, 2020
2020 Resolutions for Professionals

The start of a new year is a perfect time not only to set professional goals, but to establish a plan to attain those goals as well. One often overlooked element to achieving professional success is establishing the right working environment. Why not resolve to make 2020 the year you prioritize creating a work space best suited to support your business? These three resolutions can help you do just that!

1. Make sure your work space is well equipped to support your technology needs.

You’re working on an important presentation for a client and your laptop starts to act up. Sound familiar? We’ve all been there. If you’re still attempting to live and work in the same space, you likely don’t have access to the reliable technical support you need. CapCity CoWorks provides on-demand IT support our tenants can count on. Other on-site technology features include Wi-Fi, VoIP phone, two print centers, and charging stations. Just bring your laptop and plug right in!

2. Build relationships by networking with your neighbors and hosting meetings.

We all know the importance of who you know, but are you proactively building your network? Working from home can have the unintended impact of keeping you siloed away from potential partners, collaborators, customers and clients. CapCity CoWorks draws professionals from a variety of industries and skill sets under one roof, providing countless opportunities for networking. Maybe you have the contacts, but you just don’t have the right space to meet. CapCity CoWorks provides spaces for every occasion including networking event space; a conference room with VoIP phone, white board and coffee bar; and a meeting lounge with VoIP phone.

3. Organize and refresh your work space for optimal efficiency and limited distractions.

If you’re still attempting to work at your kitchen table, you likely are struggling to stay focused and organized while surrounded by home demands battling for your attention. CapCity CoWorks provides comfortable well-equipped work spaces free from distractions. Our minimalistic environment designed with an Art-Deco flair provides a serene environment where you can produce your best work. When your eyes need a break, you can take in stunning views of downtown Albany and the Hudson River. And added bonus – there’s no laundry to fold, barking dogs or dirty dishes in sight!

Resolve to invest in your work environment this year. Consider a co-work space as a way to improve productivity, creativity and leave work-related stress at the office. It’s a step in the right direction to achieving a harmonious work-life balance in 2020!